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August's Color of the Month is Peach!

Our color of the month program is back, after a pandemic hiatus!  We love color so much at Artisans & agency that we want to celebrate with a different one each month.  So we brought back our color decks for you to enjoy 20% off items that are the color of the month. Check back monthly for which color is next!
  • $ 16.00
    All Fired Up

    Mini Bird Bowls

    These decorative little bird bowls are perfect for holding your rings or any other little items!  Handmade ceramics.

    $ 16.00
  • from $ 150.00
    Doug Ross


    Local artist Doug Ross’ work is populated with stylized creatures, which although based on actual species, are filtered through a mind trained in g...

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    from $ 150.00
  • $ 14.95
    Bird Mafia

    Posy tea towel

    Our flour sack towels are screen printed by hand with our paper-cut inspired designs using non-toxic water based inks. Flour sack towels are a clas...

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    $ 14.95
  • $ 18.75
    Pink Stories

    Dip Dye Neon * Spring Sorbet

    Set of three lovingly hand-dyed dinner candles in neon look. The colours remain the same, but the patterns vary for each candle, making them unique...

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    $ 18.75
  • Original Price $ 26.00
    Current Price $ 13.00
    Christopher Brody

    Ceramic Ornaments

    Thinly rolled porcelain ornaments, carved and/or gilded. Unglazed porcelain backs with CB logo stamped into the clay. Inspired by Mexican and Am...

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    Original Price $ 26.00
    Current Price $ 13.00
  • from $ 58.00

    Bold Stripe Peach Shag Mat

    Ultra-durable shag rug that is phthalate free, super low maintenance, and made in the USA! These rugs are also quick to dry and are mold, mildew, a...

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    from $ 58.00
  • $ 10.50

    Yo Yo

    Wooden yoyo 55cm diameter. 6 colors available: Yellow, Prussian blue, coral, grey, pastel pink, mint Age: 6-12 years. Not suitable for children u...

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    $ 10.50
  • $ 28.00
    *Honeybee Ceramics

    Moroccan Light Switch Covers

    Locally made light switch covers by Honeybee Ceramics. Inspired by the important role honeybees play in our ecosystem, artist Beth Sherman incorpor...

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    $ 28.00
  • $ 58.00
    Holly Yashi

    Sugar Maple Leaves

    • Gold overlay • Swarovski crystal pearls • Gold overlay ear wires • 1 1/2" l. x 5/8" w.

    $ 58.00
  • $ 9.75
    Kara Weaves

    Asymetric Stripe Table Napkins

    100% cotton, handwoven. Perfect as hand-towels, table napkins, wash cloths, hand wipes and any number of other uses at home.

    $ 9.75
  • $ 16.00

    Chroma Tablemat

    A modern interpretation of madras, Chroma explores geometry and tonal variation on an expansive scale. Different colors in the warp and weft...

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    $ 16.00
  • from $ 35.00
    Point Two Maps

    Big Sur Map

    13 x 19 in. maps of some favorite destination cities! These warm and lively colors are sure to add vibrancy to any space! Comes in white frame if f...

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    from $ 35.00
  • $ 56.00
    *Kimberly Langston Hagen

    Disc Sea Urchin Earrings in Silver

    These sculptural pieces are hand carved and sculpted from the very finest porcelain clay, and have been cast from a mold of a genuine sea urchin fo...

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    $ 56.00
  • $ 30.00
    Kristina Collection

    Oval Post Earrings

    Tumbled glass oval with crystal post earrings.

    $ 30.00
  • from $ 50.00
    *Joan Bogart

    Kelp Batik Sun Prints

    Joan Pranata Bogart is an artist drawing inspiration from nature and culture. Printmaking with her kids in 2018 in their classes was a catalyst for...

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    from $ 50.00
  • from $ 115.00

    Ada Pappelina Rug

    Each pappelina rug is woven on a loom with plastic ribbon, creating a durable and high-quality modern design. These vibrant color combos and simpli...

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    from $ 115.00
  • $ 70.00
    *Joan Bogart

    Flower Linocut & Block Prints

    Joan Pranata Bogart is an artist drawing inspiration from nature and culture. Printmaking with her kids in 2018 in their classes was a catalyst for...

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    $ 70.00
  • $ 25.00
    *Jennifer Wildermuth Reyes

    Hyles lineata

    Giclee Print Jennifer Wildermuth Reyes is a two dimensional artist that specializes infauna. Her paintings, drawings and collage art are her way of...

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    $ 25.00
  • $ 140.00
    Pascale Judet


    Hand painted clocks with HO scale model railroad figures and Vashon Island rocks(6"x3.5"x2.5").  Clocks are made to order so please allow time for ...

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    $ 140.00
  • $ 220.00
    *Vanessa Mellet

    Peach Sterling Silver Ring

    Jewelry is delicate handcrafted jewelry made in gold, silver and gemstones. Vanessa draws inspiration from nature. VM334 Size 6.5

    $ 220.00
  • $ 190.00
    *Musi Hunt

    Agoth Pearl Earrings

    Local artist, Musi Hunt makes jewelry that is delicate, imaginative, and has a beautiful sense of color. She makes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ...

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    $ 190.00