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Open Sun-Thurs 10-6:30/Fri-Sat 10-7 Masks Required
Open Sun-Thurs 10-6:30/Fri-Sat 10-7 Masks Required

What if 3 Miles Was on Mars Original Painting

$ 2,600.00

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Give Mark Yanowsky a door, cabinet or fence board, and he’ll turn it into something beautiful. Mark uses found wood products as canvases for his oil and woodburn art, getting his inspiration from the patterns of the wood’s grain rather than having preconceived notions of what his paintings will look like. “You let the materials lead the way,” he says.

Yanowsky, who also makes furniture out of reclaimed wood, finds many of his materials at a local landfill that he jokingly calls “the Dimeo Lane art store.” Other pieces of found wood come to him via neighbors, friends and contractors. “It’s so abundant,” he states. “Everybody’s got a little stockpile of wood that they think is kind of neat, but they don’t know what to do with it.”